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DECATUR, Ala. — Decatur Fire and Rescue are on the scene of a fire at Decatur Golf Carts where the main building has been burned down. Firefighters responded around 1:30 Friday morning to a call of a vehicle fire.

Initially, the caller estimated about 20 golf carts to be involved. By the time firefighters arrived, the nearby warehouse was also on fire.

Everything inside that building has been destroyed. Firefighters tell us there were golf cart batteries inside the building that were exploding, which made it even harder to put out the flames. Outside of the building, roughly 70 golf carts were impacted by the fire; 45 of them were destroyed.

Paramedics took four firefighters to the hospital for heat-related illness. Two of those firefighters have already been released; the other two are staying for observation.

The American Red Cross is on the scene to help firefighters.