Fines increasing for violating Alabama’s Move Over law

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ALABAMA – Fines are about to increase for violating Alabama’s “Move Over” law.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has updated its website to show that starting September 1, first-time violators will face a $100 fine.

The law requires drivers to move over when they encounter emergency vehicles and any other vehicle with flashing lights stopped on the roadside.

“This applies to any first responder vehicle. We use our lights, we use our sirens, but we want people to be vigilant and aware of whats going on around them,” explained Alabama State Trooper Curtis Summerville.

Summerville said that’s a hefty price to pay for not being attentive behind the wheel.

“If you see any responder, whether it’s an ambulance, a police officer, a firetruck, anybody responding, watch out for those folks, and watch what they’re doing,” he added.

ALDOT has already placed signs along interstates, reminding drivers to move away from stopped first responders.

Troopers say they hope the fine increase encourages mindfulness among citizens.

“I think it’s something that will get your attention, you know we hate to write people tickets,” said Summerville.

If drivers can’t move over, the law requires them to slow down to at least 15 miles per hour under the speed limit unless otherwise directed by law enforcement.

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