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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Addiction does not discriminate. Millions of Americans from all walks of life suffer dependency on drugs or alcohol. It’s a problem that’s only grown worse during the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic.

While finding help in the face of addiction may seem daunting, it is available. In Huntsville, The Pathfinder, Inc. provides a residential rehabilitation program for men who need extra support as they recover from substance use disorder.

The non-profit has served the community since 1976, with a structured environment that sets the goals of: participating in a 12-step recovery, learning independent living skills, developing coping skills and becoming productive citizens. Clients secure jobs to help pay for participation in the program, as an investment in their own recovery.

According to The Pathfinder, Inc., “upon admission to our program, more than 90% of clients are unemployed because of addiction and many more have also lost housing and are facing alcohol and/or drug related charges.”

“For men who have completed a detox treatment program, The Pathfinder, Inc., provides a therapeutic environment in which they can learn long-term independent living skills.” The organization is in the process of moving to a six-month average length of stay.

Along with professional counseling, clinicians assist clients in constructing individual rehabilitation plans and relapse prevention strategies. Follow-up care is also available.

If you are interested in applying for admission to the program, please click here. Someone should contact you within 24 hours.

To be admitted, clients must be drug and alcohol free for a minimum of 72 hours and willing to make a commitment to remain sober.

As a non-profit, The Pathfinder, Inc. relies on funding from client fees, community agencies such as United, as well as business, churches and individual donations. If you’d like to support their efforts, click here for the donation page. All donations are tax deductible.

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