Ferguson’s Mayor plans for grand jury decision

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – James Knowles is the mayor of Ferguson, Missouri.  He talked candidly recently about what he expects to happen when the grand jury’s decision is released in the investigation of Michael Brown’s shooting death.

If Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted, as some leaks suggest may be the case, Mayor Knowles says he expects the public’s response will be a regional issue.  He expects demonstrations in several places, and police are planning a multi-faceted response, he told KTVI.

School systems have asked the district attorney’s office to release the findings on a weekends when schools are not in session, citing safety concerns for students and teachers traveling to and from school.

Mayor Knowles is also having to deal with threats to his family, he said.  He has been the target of hackers who posted his personal financial information online, as well as his parents’ personal financial information.

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