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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. — It’s been more than two years since Fancie Eller vanished.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office investigators say lead after lead has gone cold, so now they and her family are begging for help.

“Fancie was full of pizazz. She’s very colorful. Usually happy and smiling,” said Felicia Bonds, Fancie’s younger sister.

“I have nightmares every night. every night. I’m searching through the woods, fighting somebody trying to get to her and i can’t ever find her,” said Fancie’s mother, Kristin Eller.

As time goes by, Eller’s family is still lost without her.

“This world’s not the same. My world’s not the same. I can’t even remember what she sounds like,” said Bonds as she broke down into tears.

Eller vanished just before Thanksgiving 2018.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Chief Investigator Keith Wilson told News 19 that she was last seen walking through a pasture off Hambey Road, and that her boots and wallet were also found there.

“We did use helicopters, police drones, and cadaver dogs,” said Wilson.

He has 35 years of law enforcement under his belt. Even with all that experience, he is struggling with this case.

“She doesn’t have a debit card, she doesn’t have a cell phone and doesn’t have a permanent residence and normally when we trace people, we track how they use their debit card, or ping their cell phone, and she has none of that so we’re just interviewing people, and none of that’s turned up positive results,” said Wilson.

And her family continues to struggle, waiting for answers.

Bonds still holds dear to what little she has left of her best friend.

“I still have some of her makeup and stuff, her lipstick,” cried Bonds.

Kristin is now offering a $500 reward for anyone with information leading to where her oldest daughter might be.

“If she’s out there, her body or her bones, I don’t care what’s left of her, I want to find her. I want to give her a proper peace. Her kids need to know that she didn’t just walk off and leave them, because I can’t believe that. Her kids were everything to her,” said Kristin through tears.

“Not  knowing is so awful because you think the worst. Even if she is not alive, I still want her body. I still want to know,  and want to see her one more time. I want my momma to be ok; be able to say her goodbyes,” said Bonds.

.Anyone with information, can call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at (256) 582-2034.