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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- In 2015, Connie Ridgeway was found murdered in her home. Five years later, Casey White admitted to allegedly killing her. Three men are now working to propose a bill to state legislators that would honor Ridgeway’s memory.

Ridgeway’s two sons, Austin and Cameron Williams, and family friend, Mark White, are working on a bill to notify victims or family members of victims that an inmate has been transferred.

Mark White, a local radio host and former police officer, told News 19 that Connie Ridgeway’s family did not know that Casey White had been transferred from the Donaldson Correctional Facility to the Lauderdale County Jail until officials announced that Casey White had escaped.

He later said that he believes victims should know the location of the accused and should also be able to tell authorities why they think an inmate should or should not be moved.

“The reason that ‘Connie’s Law’ is so important is so that we don’t re-victimize families, but rather empower them,” White said.

White later said that violent crimes can make victims feel vulnerable.

“After a victim has been victimized by an offender, they live in fear, a lot of times of their own life,” White said. “That can be traumatizing.”

White told News 19 that they have no date set to propose the bill yet. They are working with legal counsel to write the bill and hope to have a legislator sponsor it after the election in November.