Family files lawsuit claiming assault occurred at Flint Creek

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A Huntsville family has filed a lawsuit against two men in response to what they’re calling an assault that occurred Sunday on Flint Creek. The lawsuits were filed Tuesday afternoon in the Circuit Court of Madison County.

The family has filed two different suits. One against Jordan English and the other against Bryan Anderson.

According to the lawsuits, 18-year-old Collins Nelson was canoeing with several friends Sunday on Flint Creek to celebrate a birthday.

After being pressed on the issue during a press conference, Nelson admitted to drinking alcohol during the trip.

The documents say Nelson and his friends encountered a group of intoxicated adults; with them, were Anderson and English. The lawsuits claim after taunting and threatening the group of teenagers, the older group followed them down the river and assaulted them.

Nelson’s family says the teen has a broken eye socket. He is going to have surgery Wednesday.

“Flipped my kayak. Some man put me in a headlock and preceded to just beat my face. From that point on I don’t really remember much,” Collins Nelson said.

“It’s summertime, we’re going to be out on the river, we feel like this is the only way that we can get help for him and prevent this from happening to others,” said Martha Burgon, Nelson’s mother.

The family is suing to pay for medical costs and other damages. Huntsville police are investigating and said the suspects could face second-degree assault charges.

“The first diagnosis if you want to call it that we got from officials was that there was minimal injury,” said Huntsville Police Department Lt. Michael Johnson. “Fast forward a little more and we learned another medical diagnosis that actually some injury under the skin that could not be seen by officers that does possibly rise to the level of felony assault.”

Huntsville Police Department will make the arrests after the victim signs the warrant, Johnson said. HPD says the rest of the case will play out in court.

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