Family dog in stable condition after being shot


HAZEL GREEN, Ala. – A Hazel Green family is at an animal hospital down in Auburn this weekend after someone shot their dog, Honey, in the face.

She got out of the yard Thursday afternoon. About 45 minutes after Honey had gotten out, one family member says he heard a gunshot. “I didn’t think much about it .” Steven Shaneyfelt told News 19.

Shaneyfelt found the dog about a mile from the home in a cotton field.

She was bleeding from a wound to her face, according to the GoFundMe page “The bullet entered below her eye, went through her skull, and into her shoulder. Honey’s jaw is broken and will have to be reconstructed. There are bullet fragments in her brain and they will have to contact a neurosurgeon to figure out their options.”

After taking Honey to a local emergency vet they were transferred to Auburn for treatment, the family has the added expense of staying in a hotel while they wait for Honey’s treatment.

The Shaneyfelt’s say the thought of losing their furry friend isn’t the only thing they worry about, but explaining to their six year old son, why this happened.

“We have to explain to our six year old son why someone would follow our dog nearly a mile into a field and take matters into their own hands,” Steven said.

Makayla Shaneyfelt added that her son is inseparable from Honey, “They’re best friends, you ask them which dog you love most and you hate to do that, but you say you know which one’s your favorite and Honey is at the top of the list. I mean he’s had her since he was two and a half years old and he’s six now and they’re best friends.”

The family is in Auburn and when they return home they will be meeting with local law enforcement.

Honey is currently in stable condition and responsive. A family friend has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for her vet bills. You can help by donating here.

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