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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. — Sometimes you meet families who take up a lot of room in your heart, your mind, or maybe just a lot of room in general.

The Standridge family fits all three of those descriptions.

“We want to love each other and love our family well, and have fun doing it,” Kimberly Standridge, mother of five, said. “It’s not worth doing if you’re not going to have a good time doing it.”

Matt and Kimberly have a phenomenal family, five kids ages one through seven.

“When we see other 15-passenger vans, they’re always like ‘Hey there’s another big family like ours!'” Kimberly said.

And unfortunately, people have not always been supportive as their family grew.

When they found out baby number six was on the way, they pushed the negativity aside and announced it in a rap video posted on Facebook. That post has now gone viral, and they say the response is overwhelmingly supportive and celebratory.

“So [people who watch the video] are both surprised and delighted with the news that we wanted to be exciting and worth celebrating.”

It’s obvious they love their children well, love each other, and believe being a big family, quite frankly, just makes life more awesome.

“We see family as an adventure,” Matt said. “So it’s never a burden, we choose to not let it be frustrating, we choose to make it an adventure.”

It’s very evident after spending only one afternoon with the Standridges that this sixth baby is a lucky one.