Family alleges local doctor is responsible for the death of two former patients

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — A local doctor is accused of failing two patients at Restore Care in Toney.

Sandara Taymon accuses Dr. Celia Lloyd-Turney of failing both her patients Dennis Rayfield and Jackie Sutton. She`s currently practicing medicine at Choice Medicine in Toney. Lloyd-Turney also used to operate Restore Care Incorporated.

Sutton stayed at Restore Care and was also her patient.

The facility was a residential service provider with 12 group homes that served intellectually disabled residents. Rayfield was also a patient and Sutton’s step-father. Rayfield’s girlfriend of five years said Dr. Lloyd-Turney is one of the reasons why the two died within five months of each other.

Sandra Taymon came into Jackie Sutton`s life five years ago when she started dating Dennis Rayfield. She said Sutton was Rayfield`s stepson. Taymon said Sutton lived at Restore Care for 10 years and she frequently found issues with the way he was being treated.

“Several occasions we went in there and there was no food in the house to feed these three boys. They shared an apartment together. Dennis and I would bring food to these boys. Dennis would contact Dr. Turney to tell her there`s no food in the house for the boys. She said she`ll make sure it doesn`t happen again. It continued,” Taymon explained.

Dr. Lloyd-Turney was Sutton’s primary care physician, Taymon claims. Taymon said a year ago Huntsville Hospital found out Sutton had cancer.

Taymon said cancer spread throughout his entire body and nothing was documented by Doctor Lloyd-Turney.

“They were neglecting him,” Taymon said.

Taymon at one point told her boyfriend Rayfield to take Sutton out of Restore Care. “Dennis said if I take Jackie from there; she’s not going to be my doctor anymore,” Taymon said.

Taymon said Lloyd-Turney had been Rayfield’s doctor since 1996.  “She was giving him a lot of medication behind the scenes and front scenes,” Taymon explained.

Taymon said Rayfield tried to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor after Sutton died last year of cancer. She said once Lloyd-Turney caught wind she stopped seeing Rayfield and he started withdrawing from the medication he was taking.

WHNT News 19’s Aaron Cantrell confronted Dr. Lloyd-Turney at her office to ask if she knew Sutton and his stepfather.

“I’m not going to say anything about Jackie Sutton or say anything about his father. I have no comment. When my lawyer calls me and tells me I can speak to Mr. Cantrell then I will holler at you,” Dr. Lloyd-Turney said.

In April, Rayfield passed away from pneumonia.

Taymon said Rayfield and his stepson Jackie Sutton passed away within five months of each other.

“The medications Dennis was on should have been checked every three months. In the five years, Dennis has been with me; there`s never been blood work, a physical, or anything to make sure he had the right amount of medicine in his body,” Taymon said.

Taymon feels like Dr. Lloyd-Turney is the reason why the ones she loves are no longer alive.

“I know who I am and my patients know who I am. We are going to continue to come here every day and do our jobs, no comment that`s what you can write,” Dr.Lloyd-Turney said.

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