Famed cartoonist Guy Gilchrist visits Huntsville comic shop


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Buggs Bunny, and of course the Muppets. All of these are iconic characters people all over the world have come to love. The artist behind those lovable animals and dozens more made a stop at Creamer and Cache Comics on Saturday to do a Meet and Greet with fans of Guy Gilchrist’s iconic work.

“A cartoonist needs someone on the other end of the cartoon to smile and it’s so nice now to see you guys again,” Gilchrist said.

The pandemic prevented Gilchrist from going to Comic Cons and Meet and Greets, but the cartoonist didn’t sit still. Instead, he took action.

“I had this idea that the monsters that I’ve drawn in the Muppets can bring a message,” he said.

Those Muppet-like monsters personify COVID-19 in a new narrated animated book, Monster Dance, meant to encourage making the best of hard times.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a little girl tame this monster with patience, with knowledge, and have the courage to do all of those things?”

He worked with author Eva Lou to create an international book available in multiple languages. In addition to donating the book to children’s hospitals, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supplying PPE for frontline workers all over the world.

“Africa, India, places that really really need our help, so this is now going there so this is something that is very on time,” he said.

Gilchrist is glad he was able to express creativity in a positive way over the past year, but he’s thrilled to be back on the road doing what he loves.

“My joy has always been to take nothing and turn it into something and something that is hopefully going to make you very happy,” he said.

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