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It is slowly beginning to feel and look like Fall across the Tennessee Valley! The leaves are continuing to change colors leading to gorgeous sights! If you are hoping to see the fall foliage your best chance will be in the northeastern portions of Alabama. This includes portions of Dekalb, Jackson, Madison, & Marshall Counties.

So why are we beginning to see the colors change? In the fall, the decreasing amount of daylight as well as changing solar angle signal to the trees and plants that winter is coming. Leaves contain a great amount of water content, and if these were to freeze during the winter, it would cause a large amount of stress to the plant. As a result, the trees and plants gradually halt the production of chlorophyll as well as divert water resources from the leaves to the trunk or branches. As the chlorophyll fades away, other compounds present in the leaves produce the vibrant colors that we see every autumn.

During the month of October, the daily loss of daylight is 2:09 (min: sec). Daylight saving this year will occur on Sunday, November 7th, at 2:00 am. This is when we turn the clocks back one hour, resulting in an extra hour of sleep for us!

List of pumpkin patches in the Tennessee Valley

When will it feel like Fall?

This week has not really been feeling like fall across the area with temperatures in the low to mid-80s and muggy conditions. This is thanks to a southerly wind flow ushering in some warm and moist air into the region. A cold front will pass through the region late Friday into Saturday, bringing the threat for rain shower activity.

Although this frontal passage brings the threat of rain, it will also lead to a shift in the wind direction. With winds shifting out of the north, it will usher in some cooler and drier air into the region. Temperatures by the upcoming weekend are forecasted to be right around average for this time of year, with highs in the low 70s. After just some lingering showers in the forecast early Saturday morning, we look to dry out for the afternoon and evening!

Heading into the next couple of weeks of October the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting to see near average or just slightly above average temperatures. In the 8-14 day temperature outlook, the Climate Prediction Center has northern Alabama in a 40% chance to see above-average temperatures.

The average high temperature during the 6-10 day outlook (Oct. 6-10) is 75° & the average high temperature during the 8-14 day outlook (Oct. 19-25) is 73.7°. During the 8-14 day outlook, there is a 40% chance to see temperatures at or above 73.7°.