Falkville woman concerned after KKK flier shows up on her mailbox

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FALKVILLE, Ala. -  A Falkville woman went to check her mail on Tuesday morning, and saw something resting on top of her mailbox. "I seen it on my neighbors, and I thought 'Hey that's something for vacation bible school,'" said the concerned parent. "Because it had sand in the bottom of the baggie and there's a flier."

While it was an invitation, "I read it and I see the scripture below it and I think, ‘well, maybe it's a church,'" she said. "And I look further down and I see that it was put out by a certain group."

It was a KKK recruitment notice. "It's just unnerving that you go to check your mail and you find something like this."

A small white piece of paper, with a big message.

"You want to think that's not as prominent in your community as it used to be, but it is."

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We called Falkville Police Department, who said they hadn't received any reports of KKK recruitment notices, but had heard they were floating around in surrounding communities.

The police department says as long as the notices were placed outside of the mailbox, it's okay. But, this concerned mom says she's concerned, regardless. She wonders who who these people are and where they're lurking.

"It's scary to think about; you might be friends with these people, or these people are your next door neighbor," she said.

We reached out to the KKK to confirm the fliers were from them and to get a comment. They haven’t returned our calls.