Failing schools list is a requirement of state law

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Many schools in our area dread the failing schools list each year, but it’s mandated by law that the state publish the list.

Some schools are rejoicing that they are off the list others are disappointed that they made the list, however education leaders say there will always be a failing school list according to how the law is written.

The Alabama Accountability Act requires the bottom 6 percent of schools to be labeled as failing.

According to the list, this year there are 74 schools in 28 school districts plus one public charter school on the “failing” school list.

In 2018, there were 76 schools in 27 districts.

State School Superintendent Eric Mackey says the school’s grade is based on one academic achievement test.

“I want to say that most of the schools in that bottom 6 percent actually saw improvements, it’s just that somebody has to always be on the list,” said Mackey. “As one school comes off the list another goes on the list.”

This law still remains very controversial to some lawmakers.

R.A. Hubbard High School earned its place on the list of Alabama’s failing schools. Now, community members worry students may transfer and the school will be forced to close.  Hear from community leaders on TV at 10.

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