Facebook reveals what each state is most thankful for

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect personally on what you are most thankful for. You may have even seen challenges from people to share what you are most thankful for on Facebook.

The people over at Facebook made an algorithm to compile the things people said they were most thankful for in their status and sorted that information by state.

The results are interesting.

While family, friends, and health topped the list of most mentioned, Facebook was able to sort statuses by “most distinctive,” or to put it another way,  the topic that is associated with each state.

When sorted by most distinct topic, much of the South was most thankful for religion and God.

California, Kansas, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire were all most thankful for one form or another of social media.

Michigan was just thankful for electricity.

Another interesting piece of data: the people who shared their status were overwhelmingly women — 90% of people who participated identified as female on their profile.

Don’t worry guys, you aren’t less grateful, though. Facebook attributes this to the fact that women are more likely to be challenged to sharing what they are most thankful for.

Take a look at all the data here and let us know what you think about it on our Facebook page.

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