Facebook Group Sends Help to Stranded Motorists in Birmingham

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WHNT) — People from all over are turning to social media to help neighbors that need assistance during the winter weather. One group was created on Facebook and within hours, had thousands of members.

“If you can get to this intersection, I’ll pick you up on a four wheeler and take you to your home,” said Alisha Crossley. That offer is the type of gesture written all over the Facebook group called ‘Stranded Motorists Help January 28, 2014.’

Crossley is monitoring the needs from her Birmingham home. “There have been more offerings for help, than requests for help,” she told WHNT News 19 via Skype.  “If you look at the board, that’s one of the things that stick out on it, you’re seeing so many people saying we have an extra bedroom, or I’m on 280 at 459 handing out coffee.”

It’s not the people who are stranded at work or school, or a business. “They’re not asking for help, they’re kind of just staking it out and just are in a happy thankful place that they’re warm and safe.”

She said the ones that are asking for assistance are people who really need it. “It’s the people who are diabetic and need their insulin, it’s the people who are pregnant and out of food and stuck on the side of the road,” Crossley said.

Ask and you shall receive. Their prayers are being answered by this group of volunteer rescue crews. “Either via four wheelers, four wheel drives, or rescue help from our local officials here,” she said.

Crossley said she thinks the group will keep going until the last person is at home safe and sound.

“The bulk of the cars left abandoned, it looks a little like an apocalypse through out the town, it’s definitely going to be, I think a couple of days before everything gets back to normal,” Crossley said.

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