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SUMMERTOWN, Tenn. – An extreme haunted house in middle Tennessee is making its way to the Huntsville area. We warn you some may find this story disturbing.

This isn’t just any haunted house. People who go through it sign a waiver giving permission to be tortured. The horror house is causing controversy in Summertown.

Alabama native Tiffany Ellison moved to the town of less than a thousand a few years ago.

“Well when I first found out about it, for a couple nights I couldn’t sleep,” said Ellison.

“It’s basically a survival horror boot camp. We are very PG-13. We’re like an Indiana Jones ride on steroids. That’s the best way to explain what we do,” said the owner, Russ McKamey.

He said the first portion of the horror camp is played out in a barn on his property in Summertown.

“Everything is on the table. You might get buried. There might be a lot of water involved. You might have to visit the dentist, and we all know what happens at the dentist. You know, use your imagination,” explained McKamey.

McKamey is adamant that what happens at the manor is consensual and harmless, but neighbors disagree. They are ready to see him move.

Those who live nearby claim that they hear screams coming out of the barn at all hours of the night.

“They had a girl pulling out down one of the driveways over there. They had a girl by her neck pulling her with a chain,” explained Ellison.

The owner wants people to know it isn’t a torture house. In fact, participants are given a ‘safe phrase.’

“Once you say that safe phrase, shows over. (It) stops, everything quits, and you can’t take it back either,” explained McKamey.

He said no one has ever completed the three phase haunted camp. Part one is three to four hours of physical activity. The second is another five hours of mental and physical horror in Nashville.

“Then it’s off to the big daddy in Alabama, in Huntsville at an undisclosed location,” said McKamey.

McKamey said no one has made it to the final stage in the Huntsville area yet.

However, residents in Summertown are ready for officials to put a stop to it all together.

“I know they can’t kick him off his lot, but they can stop him because this is a community with kids. He has kids across the road, behind him and it shouldn’t be happening here,” said Ellison.

McKamey told WHNT the Huntsville location is on 16 acres of land.

We reached out to the Huntsville Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office about this. They told us they’ve never heard of it, and don’t know where it is.

The District Attorney General in Lawrence County, Tennessee, Brent Cooper, told WHNT that he is aware of the situation. However, to his knowledge McKamey hasn’t committed a crime.