Expert says mild winter does not mean more bugs in summer

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Ken Creel works for the Alabama Cooperative Extension. He's an expert on pests that could get into your garden.

"Insects, rodents, snakes," he lists, "Whatever."

We've got a few weeks before gardens get going in earnest, but what impact will our mild winter have on spring pests?

"None at all," he says, shaking his head, "The only thing it will predict is we have had a mild winter and of course it's warming up pretty quick here in March, so certainly we'll see the insect activity sooner because of the warmer weather."

He says it's a common question that he's already hearing.

He specifically mentions, "Ladybugs, the Asian Multicolored Ladybug, I've had plenty of phone calls the past few weeks concerning those, because the warm spells we've had, when it warms up, they really get active."

So you'll start seeing more pests sooner, but that doesn't mean there are more pests

Creel adds, "By the time we get to summer, it'll be just like any other time, any other year with insect population."

Maybe a sigh of relief if you've been dreading all the creepy-crawlies coming out of the woodwork.

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