WHNT EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Proctor’s Mother Speaks Out

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT News 19's Lee Marshall sat down for an exclusive interview with Daniel Proctor's mother Wednesday.  Joyce Rosenbaum said she visited her son Tuesday.  During that visit Proctor told her what he says happened to his ex-wife, Amy Patterson.

Rosenbaum, first sensed something was wrong last year when Danny came to visit and Amy was not with him. She even called the Florida school system where Amy Patterson taught to see if she was at work.  After talking to her son last night, her gut feeling was confirmed.

"He called me Thursday night. He said are you coming to see me tomorrow?" Joyce said.

Joyce and George Rosenbaum say they have been living in a nightmare for the last year. Their son Danny is facing two life sentences after Tuesday's conviction of Grand Theft Auto and Theft of a Firearm.

After the two life sentences were handed down Proctor opened up to investigators about Patterson's disappearance, a crime he had been under suspicion for, for a year.

Joyce got the call a little after 3:00 p.m. Tuesday to come down to the jail and talk to Danny.

"When I got there the detective told me that he had told them everything and said he didn't know if it was true or not because Danny had in the past lied to them," Joyce said.

Joyce wanted to hear it from Danny.

"When I went in here he is, he's got his handcuffs, he's got all that on his ankles.  They've never done that to him before," she said.

''He told me yesterday he don't remember anything because they had been out drinking. They came home, they ate, she told him she was going to bed because she didn't feel good and she was tired," Joyce said.

Joyce says Danny told his mother he went outside to play horseshoes with some friends. According to Joyce he came inside later and fell asleep.

"But he said when I woke up, he got up, he was on the couch, he woke up and he went to the bedroom and he said she was dead, had marks on her throat," Joyce said.

"I asked him yesterday, I said Danny when you went in there and found her I said how long did you keep her in the house, he said 'Mom, just a couple of hours,'" Joyce said.

For Joyce her love for Danny has never wavered.

''He's gonna always be my son, no matter what he's done," Joyce said.

Her motherly intuition was dead on.

"It's her, I know it's her. When you got a computer in front of somebody with a map on it to where he lived and he puts his finger and says that is it and that's exactly where they found her," Joyce said.

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