Erosion of county road causes disagreements and controversy


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A rural road near Eva has been washed away and eroded by rain for years.

There’s been a constant struggle, at times, between a county commissioner trying to keep part of the road closed and locals who want it open.

Vincent Rd. is pockmarked with erosion and is not considered safe to travel on.

Some people who live in the area say the closure of about half a mile stretch of Vincent Rd., between Eva Rd. and Pine Burr Rd., has caused delays for in-home medical appointments in the area.

Hospice workers for cancer patients say that this stretch of roadway in Morgan County caused them to be late about an hour for a medical appointment.

While there is signage up the road warns of the closure, a longtime resident in the area says navigation tools such as Google Maps wouldn’t necessarily offer them a detour, causing them to be lost.

Morgan County Commissioner Don Stisher says Vincent Rd. is intentionally shut down because it’s not safe.

Commissioner Stisher says he’s constantly putting the signs back up saying the road is closed. People are quick to remove the signs because people are frustrated it’s not open.

Stisher says there have been improvements made to other roads in the area that allow safe travel.

Ambulance, EMS, and other emergency services are aware of the Vincent Rd. dilemma and know how to get residents safely in and out of the area, Stisher said.

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