Emergency crews respond to near-drowning incident in Madison


Photo: WHNT News 19

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MADISON, Ala. – Emergency crews are responding to a near-drowning incident at River Landing Community Pool in the Madison community.

HEMSI emergency officials tell us the call came in around 5:43 p.m. and involved a small child.

WHNT News 19 talked to a witness at the pool who performed lifesaving CPR.

Maci Dockery and Tawana Young were both at the pool at the time of the incident and jumped in to help.

“I looked over and he was lifeless and I just jumped up and started CPR. I did one round before she came over and in total I think we did four rounds before he started spitting up water and food,” says Maci Dockery.

Tawana Young says she heard someone yelling for 911 and CPR and jumped in to help.

“It didn’t register in the beginning and then she screamed ‘does anyone know CPR’ so I just jumped up and ran over to the area where I saw the baby laying on the ground. Maci was already doing the chest compression and I immediately took over for the breaths,” says Young.

Young said the child was breathing when he was loaded onto the ambulance. Young is a retired from the army and use to teach combat life saver and first aid. She stresses the importance of knowing basic life saving measures.

“Just basic CPR, breathing, airway circulation… you’ve got to know that in your homes, at the pool, wherever,” says Young.

Young says without immediate CPR the outcome of today could have been different. She said she has been in situations where she has had to take life saving measures before throughout her military experience and today she had the same determination to save a life.

“I was determined that the baby was not going to die. He was going to live.”

Details are limited at this time, but WHNT News 19 will bring you the latest on-air and online when available. 

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