Embrace the ‘berry’ dark side of Dr. Pepper for a limited time only

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With spring showers, come May flowers and a new Dr. Pepper concoction.

Dr. Pepper is introducing a fruity twist on a familiar flavor with Dr. Pepper: Dark Berry. According to a report by People, the new soda addition will carry notes of blackberry, black currant, and black cherry flavoring.

This new beverage hits shelves Nationwide on Wednesday, May 1st. 12-pack of cans will cost around $5.29, while a 20 oz. bottle costs about $1.99.

The limited-time soda comes with a special edition, collectible Spider-Man packaging to celebrate the release of the new movieSpider-Man: Far From Home. 

Dr. Pepper: Dark Berry is a limited edition flavor.

Twitter user @TheImplusiveBuy spotted the fruity beverage in stores, according to their twitter post.

The company teased the drink release on their Social Media pages.

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