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The email phishing scam targeting Netflix users is becoming more widespread.

The hackers want your personal information and money And they’re getting it by sending an email asking you to update your payment information by directing you to click on a link.

The subject line reads “confirmation account and credit card.”

The email looks official, but cyber security experts say you can tell it’s a scam by checking out the sender’s address.

The email claims the Netflix account holder needs to update payment information, so service won’t be interrupted.

Again, this isn’t from Netflix, so don’t fall for it.

The company released a statement saying it will never ask for personal information to be sent over email — that includes payment information, a social security number or an account password.

This scam has been making the rounds this year, and on its website, Netflix warns customers to be careful if they get an email asking for personal information.

The best thing to do? Simply ignore it!