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ARDMORE, Ala. – The owners of Elkwood Grocery say they are out thousands of dollars after someone broke in overnight.

This latest incident marks the second time burglars have stolen from the store in the past six months.

“It’s an everyday struggle to keep your doors open here, and then somebody to just come here and knock you out of 15 or 16 thousand dollars it’s hard to overcome,” said owner Keith Mitchell.

Mitchell’s wife came to open the store around 5:30 Wednesday morning. When she arrived say said the door was open, all of the cigarettes were off the shelves and thousands of dollars of valuables taken from the safe.

“(They) had to be in the store a pretty good while to do all the damage that they did do,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell believes the crooks knew what they were doing because they cut the phone line to make sure the alarm system wouldn’t go off before entering the building.

Investigators told the owners they believe this case is in connection to a slew of break-ins on the Tennessee line.

If you have any information on this case contact your local law enforcement.