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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison Cross Roads Elementary School Principal Russ O’Rear has been in education for more than two decades. This summer, he may have created one of his best teaching tool concepts, yet.

“I always have these crazy ideas,” he laughed.

The project is called “Thinking Outside the Box,” and it’s just that.

It is similar to monthly beauty product or pet food sample deliveries. Once a month a box will be mailed to a student’s home at no cost. It will contain and engaging activity to implement lessons learned in the classroom to real life applications.

“It’s basically taking these experiences, and really without them knowing it, they’re applying what they’ve learned,” said O’Rear.

A team of teachers and administrators will assemble the boxes and each will hold activities geared to specific grade levels. Out of the more than 900 pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students at Madison Cross Roads, O’Rear expects about 400 to sign up for the first trial run, but he wants every student to participate.

The customized boxes also come with a hefty price tag, so the school is seeking both federal funding, as well as local sponsorship for the project. O’Rear said he plans to introduce the playful package to parents next month and roll it out in October.

“Our main goal is just to create some time for families to be together, spend some time together and understand that learning is fun,” he said.