Eighth-Grade Student Paddled After Writing ‘Trump’ on Blackboard


Trump is cruising nationally — with 49% support compared to Rubio’s 16% and Cruz’s 15% in a new CNN/ORC poll, giving him his largest lead yet. He’s likely to blow out the competition in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Alabama, polls there show.

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An eighth-grade boy was paddled after being reported by a teacher for writing “Trump” on a class blackboard.

The father, Troy Stephenson, told AL.com that he did not “think you ought to be punished for writing the president’s name.”

The incident took place at Childersburg Middle School, where the student was sent home with a Talladega County Schools Discipline Referral Form. The referral stated that students are not to discuss the election outside of a history class due to the “sensitivity of the matter.” The referral further stated that the incident “upset some students,” and that students were warned of disciplinary action for violating the school’s policy on the subject.

The disciplinary form indicated the student had a conference with the principal, a phone call to parents, and corporal punishment as the disciplinary actions taken. Childersburg Middle School officials have so far declined to comment.

According to AL.com, the boy’s mother was on her way to the school to help choose between corporal punishment or suspension, but officials were told to let the student make the decision if they could not wait for her.

Stephenson said he spoke with a school official on Monday who said his son was not paddled for writing “Trump” on the blackboard, but rather for writing on the blackboard in general. Stephenson has contacted a lawyer and has instructed his son not to engage in any political discussions.

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