What’s the weather look like for the eclipse?

Eclipse 2017
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The countdown is on!  The clock ticked under 13 days until the Great American Eclipse this afternoon, so we’ll call it 12 days to go!

Data pix.

The timeline is different for other parts of the country, but around North Alabama and Middle Tennessee, we’re looking at the ‘peak’ coming close to 1:30 PM on Monday, August 21st.  Nashville gets ‘totality.’

Huntsville's sky will look similar to this around 1:30 PM on 8/21/17 (Photo: Getty Images)

Huntsville and surrounding areas will have about 97% obstruction - in other words, it’ll look like the sun has set for a few minutes at mid-afternoon.

What’s the weather look like at that time?

Anything beyond 5-7 days has to be generalized - a lot.  We’re looking at trends instead of specifics, but the trends are looking positive for a good view of the eclipse in this part of the country on the 21st.

This picture shows a time series of humidity in the atmosphere based on European ensemble guidance.  It trends us much drier late next week, and the pattern it sets up keeps it that way on Monday the 21st.

A ridge near the Gulf Coast and a northwesterly flow in Tennessee and North Alabama tend to give us clearer, drier weather - good for viewing.

The American-run GEFS guidance isn’t so kind to us, but even it doesn’t indicate weather that would ruin the view completely.  The wavy look to the pattern suggest rising air: promoting clouds and ‘unsettled’ weather that could even bring some showers.

Neither idea is a ‘lock’ at this point, but the trend shown by both sets of data gives us better than a 50/50 chance of a perfect view.

By the way, yes, you do need special eyewear to view the eclipse!  We will have just enough sunlight around the Moon to damage your eyes even when it doesn’t hurt to look at it.

We have a lot of information on WHNT.com that will help you find the right glasses and have the best experience possible viewing this awesome phenomenon as well as information you may not have heard or seen yet!

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