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TAFT, Tenn – As thousands of people in the Tennessee Valley prepare for Monday’s solar eclipse, one man is preparing to watch it thousands of feet in the air.

Paul Johnson is an aerospace engineer on Redstone Arsenal. His love of space and flying prompted his latest idea to watch the solar eclipse 25 hundred feet in the sky. He plans to fly in style on his yellow 1941 J-3 Cub.

His trip will start at home in Taft, Tennessee. He will then head to McMinnville to stage before going to his prime viewing spot just northeast of the Nashville airport

While Johnson will view the eclipse alone from his aircraft, he plans to share a unique perspective of the history with others.

“My cousin works at Microsoft, and I was texting him telling him about this deal I had going on, and he ended up knowing somebody that worked for GoPro and then they sent me three of their GoPro Hero 5s.”

In Johnson’s own words his goal is to be able to see Nashville in the background for ‘maximum coolness.’