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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Alabama A&M University provided a special viewing party on the quad for their students this afternoon, and the turnout was huge.

AAMU Program Coordinator for Student Activities, Gary Edwards says “This is one of the nation’s most awe-inspiring events that’s about to take place. We wanted to create something that’s going to be educational for our students.”

Teachers seemed to agree it was a can’t miss opportunity. “I’m skipping class but my teacher, he approves of it,” said freshman Larry Napier.

Another freshman, Jaycie Coleman, said she was excited to watch history in the making.

“You read about it in the books, and you see it in movies, experiences like this happening. For this to happen in our generation is actually really cool and educational for us,” she said.

Shanice Day is glad the university put together the viewing party, not just for the educational value, but the sentimental value too.

“‘I’m actually so excited that A&M did this. You know it’s my senior year, so it’s my last year here. For me to be able to experience this on campus is a beautiful thing,” she explained.

But for some students, the rare opportunity proved to be a little underwhelming.

“I was expecting way more. I was expecting for it to be dark, and no sunlight at all,” said freshman Newill Sanders.

But regardless, Sanders said the viewing party made it worth it.

“It was a cool thing to come out here and watch,” he said.

Alabama A&M also gave out eclipse glasses to their students this morning so they could safely watch.