Early Voting begins for Tennessee voters

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT)– There’s more than the usual on the ballot in Tennessee.

Early voting began Wednesday for the general election set for November 4th.

There may be some amendments on the ticket that could surprise you if you didn’t study up.

Besides choosing a new governor, senators and representatives, along with local officials, there are two state constitutional amendments on the ballot.

The proposed Amendment 3 deals with income tax.

As you likely know, there isn’t one in Tennessee right now for earned income, but it’s a subject that’s come into the spotlight several times over the years.

The amendment on the ballot now would ban local and state governments from establishing one, essentially putting the issue to bed.

We spoke with Tennessee Representative Brian Kelsey’s office to get some details, because he sponsored it. His chief of staff tells us that if passed, Amendment 3 would remove all doubt about whether or not earned income will be taxed.

Amendment 2, also sponsored by Kelsey, deals with Tennessee Supreme Court judges and how they come into office.

Opponents want to keep the decision with voters, but supporters say the amendment establishes rules like Legislative ability to reject a governor’s nominee and a retention vote after 8 years in office, that would be more checks and balances to improve accountability.

On the local side, Ardmore residents in Lincoln and Giles Counties can check “yes” or “no” on allowing liquor sales in the city, both in restaurants and packaged in stores. City officials tell WHNT News 19 that beer sales are already legal there.

The General Election is November 4th. Early voting ends October 30th.

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