Driving You Crazy: Local daycare director worried about clients entering/exiting facility due to distracted driving

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MADISON, Ala. – One Huntsville woman says her business could be in danger, because of drivers not paying attention. Dorothy’s Darlin’s Daycare has been in business for 10 years. Today, they care for roughly 30 children.

Just like at any daycare, safety is a top priority. But Director Dorothy Williams says she feels the safety of her clients and employees is being compromised during pick-up and drop off times.

“The traffic is really bad– and my clients have been complaining,” said Williams.

Her business is located on slaughter road in Madison, hidden around a curve. “It’s always been kind of rough, but it seems like it’s getting worse over the years.”

The problem? “You’ve got your signal on, coming in. And someone behind you. Texting on that cell phone and paying no attention. No parent wants to get hit with their child in the car,” said Williams.

She says there have been many close calls, but she fears if people don’t start paying attention to what they’re doing, that someone could be hurt. “I just want something to be done and we’re trying to let people know that we’re looking out for the kids.”

And if you’re one of the ones riding too close, Williams has something to say to you: “Please slow down and don’t hit me or my clients, you know!”



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