HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the days get darker earlier and rain starts to move in, many in Madison County are voicing concerns about the difficulties of driving on the I-565. If slick roadways weren’t a big enough concern, community members are also concerned about striping.

Primarily, motorists are having trouble seeing the road striping, where one lane ends and another starts. While it hasn’t been confirmed through the Alabama Department of Transportation, there have been many accidents along the interstate.

As 2022 draws near, ALDOT says the upcoming year will be a year of maintenance and road re-pavements. Another project at the top of the list, replacing the temporary striping along the I-565.

“We know that we have to get that replaced with permanent striping. Striping is one of those things that is done mostly in our state by one sub-contractor,” John Cooper, the Director of The Alabama Department of Transportation told News 19.

Getting a sub-contractor to specific jobs can be difficult according to Cooper and they have to go through a lengthy process. But, before the addition of permanent striping can happen, Cooper says the paving has to be completed.

While the temporary striping is helpful, it’s not perfect.

“That stripe dulls rather quickly, and is not designed to hold up under weather for extended periods of times because we know we’re going to come back and replace it with a higher quality, what we call permanent stripe,” Cooper said.

When that temporary striping begins to fade, it can be difficult for drivers to see, especially at night or when it is raining.

While it looks complete, the re-paving on I-565 still has work to be done. ALDOT says the final pavement layer, which allows water to drain from roadways easier, has not been placed.

News 19 previously reported that isn’t expected to happen until next summer.

Currently, there isn’t much ALDOT can do about the striping, until that time comes. For now, Cooper says all drivers should be cautious while on the interstate.

“One is to observe the speed limit, two is to remain reasonable distance between vehicles and three is just attentive and careful.”