Downtown Huntsville Prepares For Weekend Traffic

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Downtown Huntsville awaits a busy a weekend.

Parking Operations Supervisor Beverly Lowe says, “We have Panoply and the circus and some proms, senior banquets and just all kinds of good things happening in downtown Huntsville.”

All those events will mean a lot of closed roads.  So how do you know how to get around?

Lowe says, “On the city’s website, if you’ll go to the parking department, there will be maps and guides to where you can get to for city parking, but we’ll have a lot of extra lots open.”

The lot off of Monroe will alleviate a lot of the parking pressure.

It will welcome any and all event goers.

Lowe adds, “A lot of people will drive by and they’ll say, ‘I can’t go down Monroe, because that’s where Panoply starts.’  But it’s actually south of the opening of the garage.  You can enter from Monroe.”

But even with wide open parking lots, lots of events and rerouted traffic will cause a few difficulties.  It’s best to get a jump on your day.

Lowe explains, “[The] main thing is to be patient.  There’s lots of parking.  Start out a little early before your event, so you’re not stressed with the traffic to try to get there on time.”

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