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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hotels in downtown Huntsville are booked up for the evening with many commuters staying in town to avoid potential driving hazards.

Downtown Huntsville, Inc’s CEO Chad Emerson says there’s good news for the people who were able to snag a room… everything they might need is within walking distance.

“The beauty of downtown is that you’re in the city center,” says Emerson.

While there are numerous hotels across the city, there are only four hotels in what’s considered downtown Huntsville. All four told News 19 they are booked up Monday night due to the winter weather.

Emerson says the good news for those staying downtown is if they need something there are stores and restaurants within walking distance.

“On the south side of downtown you have a Publix. On the north side you have the Star Market and you have lots of restaurants in between. We’ve talked to a lot of them today and they are remaining open,” says Emerson.

Downtown hotel personnel told News 19 they even needed management helping to serve guests because some employees couldn’t make it in to work.

Emerson says studies show there is exponential unmet demand for hotels in the downtown area.

“Obviously you want an ice storm to be an anomaly, but the fact is that in downtown Huntsville there is so much unmet demand for hotels that we have five or six coming online,” says Emerson.

Emerson says even with the additional hotels coming to downtown, they’re going to barely meet the demands.

Hotels in other areas of the city of Huntsville did have availability for Monday night when our reporter called Monday afternoon.