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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the state approaches the potential reopening of the economy, currently scheduled for April 30, business owners say they already have a plan in place to keep their customers safe.

“We’re seeing a very wide spectrum of people who are dying to get out and do stuff, and are terrified to still do anything,” said Connor Knapp, owner of Piper and Leaf in Huntsville. He said downtown . business owners are communicating often, and everyone has different hesitations.

Downtown Huntsville Inc. CEO and founder Chad Emerson has been having conference calls multiple times a week with downtown business owners, and all have been encouraged to have a plan prepared ahead of the reopening of the economy.

“Whatever the details of the plan are, or the restrictions, we still anticipate social distancing,” he said. “So how can you envision your patio, or dining room being 6 feet apart from other tables?”

Business owners are encouraged to be cautious, despite restrictions being lifted, and to be ready to adapt as things change and new information surfaces.

Even when stores and restaurants reopen their doors things won’t necessarily be “back to normal.”

“As long as you follow the rules, that the ADPH and the governor issue, you’re acting appropriately,” Emerson said. “Someone may disagree with the rules, but there’s no reason to disagree with someone who’s following the rules.”