DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Three-year-old Jakobe who survived a drive-by shooting at his home has received two awards in less than two months for his strength in overcoming obstacles.

The accolades started rolling in when community leader Nate Patterson visited his home to provide him with the ‘Strongest Little Man’ of the Year Award.

Now, City Commissioners and Dothan Police Department outpour their love for Jakobe by giving him another award to add to the collection at this week’s commission meeting – The “Coolest Kid Around”.

“I just had this award for three hours I just had it, I had it three times,” Jakobe said.

“The love and the support in the community have been very strong since Day 1 everyone has reached out to help, prayers,” His mother, Victoria Reynolds said.

Jakobe was shot playing in his front yard on grant street where bullets went into his arm and abdomen.

“It was blood just standing there, blood on my hand and my arms everything was just blood,” Jakobe said.

Dothan Police quickly rushed to the scene as normal procedure, but Officer Brady is hailed as a hero as he picked Jakobe up to put him in the back of the police car — to take him to the nearest hospital where he received life-saving surgery.

“He is a hero,” Reynolds said.

Officer Brady was presented the life-saving award from his boss Chief Benny.

“I was extremely excited and unaware that at the commission meeting we were actually going to meet the officer,” Reynolds said.

She added that she’s glad to have her baby alive and that he’s recovering well physically. There is still work to do mentally on the road to recovery.

“With him being outside now is great because he has been traumatized and not wanting to come outside,” she said. “Him standing out here now is progress, we have multiple counseling sessions.”