Dorian Strengthens to Category 4 Hurricane

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In just 12 hours, Dorian has gone from a category 2 to a category 4 storm as it continues its trek toward Florida.

Florida’s east coast is bracing for the worst as Dorian approaches. It is expected to make landfall late Monday or early Tuesday. Georgia and North and South Carolina are also on high alert.

No mandatory evacuation orders have been given but Florida officials are urging residents to take proper precautions.

“You’re looking at potentially life-threatening storm surge and that is not something you want to ride out,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida state officials aren’t beating around the bush when it comes to protecting residents lives before Dorian hits the state.

“We thought we were going to go down there and try to get them in but once the governor issued a state of emergency we ended up canceling that series and they wanted to get the players out of there before the evacuation traffic started,” says evacuee Garrison Schwartz.

Garrison Schwartz is in the Atlanta Braves organization as a Minor League Baseball player and currently lives in central Florida. He says when hurricane Dorian started to strengthen, their games on Florida’s east coast were canceled.

Schwartz says certain areas are already running low on fuel.

“Last night there was rumors that Orlando was out of gas. But we called a couple gas stations and found somewhere with gas. I think its probably going to get worse this evening and tomorrow,” says Schwartz.

At this point, evacuations are not mandatory in Florida.

“There’s definitely people that are local that I talked to who said they would be fine if they were a little bit inland to be able to board up the windows and hunker down,” says Schwartz.

Schwartz says he watched Dorian strengthen and decided to leave the state.

“Being from Arizona and the only thing that I have seen are like sand storms. I just heard a hurricane was coming and I thought, I’m out of here,” says Garrison Schwartz.

Schwartz says he will wait out the storm here in Huntsville with friends and hopes those who chose not to evacuate stay safe.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis says President Trump has approved the state’s request for federal assistance ahead of the storm.

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