“Doomsday Preppers” Are Good For Business

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Americans are stocking up, survivalist are planning ahead. For a growing number of people being prepared  for the worst is starting to impact business in north Alabama.

Many of these so-called “Doomsday Preppers” strongly believe in a doomsday scenario, although not necessarily something like a nuclear attack, most fear an economic meltdown that will send America into a panic. A series of shows on network television featuring these people has created an interest in prepping and that in turn has been great for Huntsville business owner Rick Wilkinson's bottom line.

“I am a disaster medical prepper, I help people get medically trained and prepared for emergencies,” Wilkinson told WHNT News 19.

Wilkinson is an EMT who has recently opened a new business building survival medical kits for other “preppers.” He has seen a big increase in business since the shows hit the airwaves.

“I think the shows have created some new interest in how you can prepare ahead of time for large-scale disasters,” Wilkinson added.

“Prepping” support groups have sprung up across the country even north Alabama has a group and membership is booming.

“It doesn’t have to take up a whole room or anything that extreme, but there are things everyone can do to be better prepared.”

This sensible prepping is exactly what local emergency managers are hoping everyone will take part in. Paige Colburn is with the Madison Emergency Management center, and it is her job to make sure people are prepared.

“You know what they say, prepare for the worst hope for the best,” Colburn said. “Our job is to make sure people are ready for disasters.”

As for doomsday scenarios, surprisingly her office does take them into account, but they are very unlikely and therefore low on their priority list.

“It is great that people are taking interest in being prepared and learning skills to survive, but we just don’t want anyone to stress out about events they can’t truly prepare for,” Colburn added.

For more information about preparing, go to the Madison County EMA website: www.madisoncountyema.com

For more information about the emergency medical kits click here.

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