“Donations for Devin” Raises Money for Shooting Victim

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Friends of an 11-year-old Morgan County boy accidentally shot in the face say he is slowly recovering.

Devin Grady of Union Hill remains in intensive care, as friends pray and raise money.

This weekend is Morgan City’s 28th Annual Founders Day celebration, and there are several booths set up to raise money for the Grady family.

The Clean Fuels gas station turned their parking lot into donation central, as the small knit community rallies together after a devastating accident.

The fundraising to help with hospital bills is the brainchild of a child, 12-year-old Mikayla Cranford.

“Me and him have sort of been close for a really long time,” she said of her relationship with Devin.

“I’ve been really scared if he’s gonna live and stuff, just been praying.”

She started Donations for Devin, also selling baked goods to raise money for the Gradys.

“They’re gonna be sitting up at the hospital, and when they come home, they’re gonna have to be their bills and stuff and they’re not going to have all the money that they usually have,” she said.

John Walding of Timberwolf Tree Service planned on having a dunking booth at Founders Day to raise money for cancer research, but after what happened heard about the hunting accident and changed to a “Dunk for Devin” theme.

“We have the capabilities to step up, help out, give our part back, because we get so much support from the actual community it’s the least we can do to try to give back to them,” Walding said.

Proceeds from the sales of snacks, t-shirts, and more are all going to the Grady’s.

One of Devin’s best friends, Houston Borden, was happy to sit on the plank to raise money for his buddy.

“We’re really close, almost every weekend we’d go to each other’s house, ride 4-wheelers and our bikes,” he said.

He spent as much time as he could getting dunked, and Houston and Mikayla got some good news from the hospital Friday night.

“He followed his dad with his eye from one side of the room to the other so he’s coming out of his coma medicine that he’s been on the past couple weeks,” Houston said.

Mikayla added Devin was also able to turn his head slighty, and “he squeezed his parents hand and he can move his fingers and toes.”

The booths will be open again Sunday, but if you want to help the Gradys but can’t make it to Morgan City, you can make a donation at any Peoples Bank of North Alabama.

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