Does my COVID vaccine status change whether I can donate blood?


MADISON, Ala. — With more people getting a COVID-19 vaccination in north Alabama, LifeSouth says it’s caused some confusion for some if it changes whether they can donate blood.

District Community Development Director for north Alabama, Kami May, told News 19 it has become a major cause for blood donation hesitation.

She said the pandemic slowing down has not yet returned blood bank levels to normal by any means, as hospitals usually need a five day blood supply.

May says anyone who is not feeling sick or under any quarantine can donate blood no matter their vaccine status. That is, as long as they meet the physical requirements.

“Vaccine or not, blood donation has been on a decrease since 2020,” May said. “Since June of 2020, we’ve been placed under an emergency appeal. What that emergency appeal means is we have less than a two-day blood supply on our shelves at any given moment. (So) receiving the vaccine, waiting to receive a vaccine – that should not keep you from donating blood.”

According to LifeSouth, blood donated to any of the six north Alabama centers will remain in north Alabama. Each donation has the potential to save three lives.

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