Doctor Looks at Possible Medical Scenarios for Bailey Cove Collision

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- New details continue to emerge about a civil lawsuit filed against 18-year-old Gunner Scarano. Police say that Scarano was the driver that caused a fatal wreck last week in South Huntsville. The lawsuit is seeking information about Scarano's personal health, including a possible diabetic issue.

Friends of Gunner have confirmed to WHNT News 19 that he does have a medical condition. "I know his diabetes has been bothering him," said Allie Hebert. The lawsuit filed this week against Scarano addresses his personal health, but a big question remains, could a medical condition cause a wreck of that magnitude? Dr. Marshall Plotka said it's possible.

"He could be pressing on the gas pedal more if he was seizing," said Dr. Plotka. "But he would have no control whatsoever, he would be moving but he's completely unresponsive." Plotka said if Scarano in fact had a medical problem, stiff muscle tone could have kept his foot on the pedal for the 1.5 mile drive from Mountain Gap Road to Weatherly Road.

"He could be in various forms of wakefulness," said Plotka. "He could be disoriented, he could be able to still have his foot on the pedal, he could have his foot stuck on the pedal where he couldn't get it off."

Keep in mind that Huntsville Police have not released a cause for the wreck yet. Dr. Plotka says if it was a medical issue, it would have had to have been a serious one.

"I would expect no memory of the event," he said. "None."

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