DMV mails out to 50,000 old or duplicate registration suspension notices

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People across our state say a mistake made by the Department of Motor Vehicles is grinding their gears. In April, a communication error occurred between the DMV and its central mailing room.

Since then, up to 50, 000  old and duplicate vehicle suspension notices were mailed out. The director of the DMV says it was a glitch.

Scott Duncan received a letter in the mail last week telling him that his registration was going to be suspended because he didn't have insurance. "You have to provide evidence of insurance and you have to pay $200 per car. So, it was going to be $400 and I don't get money until tomorrow," Duncan said.

To make matters more confusing, the letter was dated from December of last year.

"We were concerned about whether we should cancel appointments, is it illegal to drive our cars. And when I went to pay the bill, if it really was true, someone would say, 'Well how did you get here?'" he said.

So, the Duncan family didn't drive at all this past weekend.

Monday they called the DMV and they were told everything was fine. "Oh yeah, there's a glitch in the system. A number of people have been calling about that," Duncan said.

We called the DMV's director, who explained that there was an issue between the DMV and its central mailing room.

"The central mailroom was either unable to pick up the files that we povided or the files were too large for them to process, so some of the letters got printed while some of the letters did not get printed," Alabama DMV Director, Jay Starling said.

He says the department over corrected the mistake, sending out up to 50,000 old or duplicate suspension notices.

"Nobody has been suspended improperly. All the people that received letters should have received letters. Some of them may have just received them too late after they already resolved the issue," Starling said.

Which is what happened to the Duncan family. They had an issue with their insurance in December, but it was resolved.

The DMV is apologizing for any incovnience this has caused people.

"I do apologize. It's certainly the department's fault for the glitch," Starling said.

Now, the glitch has been fixed and the old and duplicate notices are no longer being sent out.

If you or someone you know gets a registration suspension notice, Starling says to call the DMV or your local licensing office.

Starling says it is illegal to not have insurance in Alabama and if a driver does not have liability insurance, their registration can be suspended.

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