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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Drunk driving and DUI’s go hand in hand. Here in North Alabama, the Huntsville Police Department has a DUI task force that puts a high priority on keeping the streets safe.

HPD Lt. Stacy Bates said people think holidays and summer are some of the worst times for drunk driving, but that’s not always the case.

“It’s kind of that myth that they may go up around there. It seems like over the last few years it’s not exactly true, or it’s not 100 percent because it’s not always consistent that you see that spike on those holidays,” he explained.

Bates said HPD units see something different every day.

“There’s some weeks that they may make more DUI arrests on a normal Wednesday night, than they do on a Saturday night. So it really just depends I guess on what’s going on, how many people are out on the roadway driving, those types of things,” he said.

In Alabama the legal limit is .08, but Bates said you could get arrested for a DUI at a level even lower than that.

“It really depends. You know that’s another one of those myths that everybody says, oh you know I’ve had two beers, that’s the limit,” he said.

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Bates said no matter how much you’ve had to drink, once it starts impacting your motor skills or reaction time, you shouldn’t be driving.

“Technically you can be arrested at a .05 or a .06, it really just depends on your driving, and how you perform on your field sobriety test,” he said.

So just because you think you haven’t hit the limit yet, doesn’t mean you can’t get a DUI.

Huntsville police encourage drivers to take advantage of taxis and other easily accessible ride sharing services that are in the city now, like Uber and Lyft, if you’ve had too much to drink.