Distracted Driving Project: Jones Valley Elementary students tackle tough topic in debate

Distracted Driving
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The students at Jones Valley Elementary weighed in on an important topic Wednesday. They debated whether the government or manufacturers should hold responsibility for preventing distracted driving.

Distracted driving is a cause we feel strongly about.  WHNT News 19 is in the midst of a year-long campaign against distracted driving. Every day, people are injured or killed in wrecks because of distracted drivers.

We want to take action to help you stay safe behind the wheel.

This debate was organized by our partners in our distracted driving project -- Morris, King, and Hodge.

Photo: Joe King
Photo: Joe King

Students went back and forth on whether the government and manufacturers should carry responsibility for distracted driving, but most importantly, they were talking and thinking about the dangers.

"If young people know it's dangerous," organizing Attorney Joe King tells us, "It's going to deter them from texting and driving, and hopefully, they will politely remind their parents, if they see them texting and driving: Hey, this is dangerous. Don't text and drive."

The debaters enjoyed the repartee. Sven Ise was one of them. He tells says, "I think it went pretty well!"

So we asked, did they learn about distracted driving in the process?

Ise says, "I think so!" He turns to another student, who agrees.

They made some good impressions too.

King concludes, "I thought it was great. They were very, very passionate. I would take any of them with me to court any day."

For more information on our campaign against distracted driving, visit here.

Jones Valley's 5th grade G.A.T.E. students participated in The Great Debate. (Photo: Joe King)
Jones Valley's 5th grade G.A.T.E. students participated in The Great Debate. (Photo: Joe King)

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