Dillard’s Trade-In event gives back to local community

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Dillard’s is a big name department store, but that isn’t stopping them from giving back right here to the Tennessee Valley community with a special event.

Dillard’s Handbag and Watch Trade-In event happens twice a year, and is a great opportunity to give back in an easy way.

“A lot of what you see when you come into retail department stores is they will reach out to communities but it’s not often times your local community,” said Area Sales Manager Tyler McGee.

He said if customers participate in the trade-in, they are given a 25 percent discount on watches and handbags in store.

“You have to trade in a gently used product, either a handbag, wallet or watch, to get that discount which we donate to a local charity,” said McGee.

The Parkway Place Dillard’s location chooses a different non-profit to donate the items to each year.

“We chose Lincoln Village Ministry, so typically what I do is whoever I use for the fall season I will also give them the spring season’s product,” McGee explained.

The items are given to women in need from the Lincoln Village community, who are looking to get out in the workforce.

“Being able to actually give to the Huntsville-Madison community is huge. You don’t see that a lot with the big companies in our area. So that’s really what kind of powers this event,” said McGee.

He said the event always has a great turn out. Hundreds of items are donated to the community each year.

The trade-in ends at 5 p.m. Sunday March 19. But if you miss it this time, Dillard’s will do this trade-in again in the fall with a different charity.