Your Yahoo Email Account Could Be Gone Starting Monday

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Use it or lose it

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Yahoo will start “recycling” old email and ID usernames on Monday, July 15th in a move meant to get dormant accounts moving again or free them up for others who want desirable names.

If your account has been dormant for more than a year, it’ll be among those up for grabs among active users.

Yahoo’s plan does offer benefits to those who use the service regularly – allowing them to potentially pick up a simpler or more high-profile username.

Senior Vice President Jay Rossiter offered this example in a blog post, “If you’re like me, you want a Yahoo! ID that’s short, sweet, and memorable like instead of”

Yahoo said it’ll inform people in mid-August if they’re awarded the username they requested.

The move though, has raised security concerns. Other online log-ins are often linked to email accounts and the “recycling” could cause issues for those who use a Yahoo account to store older messages.

Security analyst Graham Cluley wrote online that the move was not smart, “In short: as an idea it sucks, and it shows Yahoo’s lack of respect to customers who created accounts with them in years gone by.”

Yahoo said it’s working to protect users’ information if they lose an ID and someone else claims it.

“For example if this is a user on Amazon who’s trying to recover their password, we’ll help them understand if the account has been recycled,” said Dylan Casey, Senior Director of Consumer Platforms, “The password information won’t get sent to the new user of that account.”

To keep your Yahoo ID and email, make sure to use your account before July 15th and periodically thereafter.

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