Yahoo Reveals “Top Searches of 2013”

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Yahoo has taken the curtain off its 2013 Year In Review – a look at the daily search habits of millions of Yahoo users. Coming up big in 2013? Twerking. Celebrities. Breaking Bad.

Here’s a look at the top searches on Yahoo in 2013:

Top Searches on Yahoo in 2013

1. miley cyrus

2. kim kardashian

3. kate upton

4. minecraft

5. selena gomez

6. obamacare (affordable care act)

7. amanda bynes

8. jodi arias

9. iphone 5

10. justin bieber


Yahoo’s also compiled a list of web obsessions for 2013 – top searched items with gaining appeal. Here’s a look at that list. You’ll notice a lot of television and entertainment but also some lifestyle.

Top Obsessions on Yahoo in 2013 (top-searched + top gainers)

1. duck dynasty

2. breaking bad

3. the walking dead/zombie apocalypse

4. fifty shades of grey casting

5. the new 100 dollar bill

6. twerking

7. snapchat

8. rainbow loom

9. selfie

10. bitstrips


Yahoo’s Year In Review also, for the first time, features up-and-coming blogs on Tumblr from 2013. These blogs “hit the mainstream this year with their vibrant content.” For more on Tumblr’s Year In Review visit:


Here’s a look at the Top 10 Most Viral Blogs on Tumblr in 2013:

Reasons My Son Is Crying

This Charming Charlie

Hot-Dog Legs

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

The Worst Room

Brides Throwing Cats

Emojinal Art Gallery

Exploding Actresses

Yacht Cats

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