Word Cookies app offers spelling practice, puzzles

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(Image Credit: BitMango/iTunes)

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Love puzzle games? Have a school-aged child who could use a little spelling practice?

The Word Cookies app from BitMango offers both in a fun, free package.

The game is free for Apple or Android devices and the goal is simple: find all the hidden words.

You’ll start with a plate of alphabet letter-shaped digital cookies; connecting each of them to create words. Completing each level builds points and the difficulty factor.

The game does feature in-app purchases, so parents, make sure to play alongside younger children. For older children, make sure to have in-app purchases disabled on your device or to have a conversation about what is appropriate to download and what is not.

The game is interrupted periodically with ads that need to be closed to allow you to continue. An ad free version can be purchased.

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