What To Expect From Apple’s Tuesday Event

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When can we expect to see new iPhones from Apple?

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Rumors always fly in the weeks before an Apple event and this time around has been no different. All eyes are on the technology giant as it appears set to announce the iPhone 5S — a fancier version of 2012’s iPhone 5.

In a bit of a departure for Apple however, there’s also expected to be an entirely new model added to the iPhone family. As CNET reports, “one designed not necessarily to wow with specs, but instead with a price tag that could be Apple’s lowest yet for a new mobile device.”

The device is expected to be called the iPhone C and has appeared in several leaks. Read more at CNET.com.

As for what not to expect, it’s unlikely a new iPad will be revealed. CNET Senior Writer Josh Lowensohn said it’s definitely coming but probably in October or early November, in time for the holidays.

A refreshed Apple TV or iWatch entrance also seems like a long shot. Despite Samsung’s recent Galaxy Gear iWatch debut, historically Apple has been less focused on being first and more concerned with creating a “wow” moment for the user.

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