Viral Video: Amazing Timelapse Transformation Of A Homeless Vet

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Courtesy: Degage Ministries, Rob Bliss

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U.S. Army Veteran Jim Wolf has struggled with alcoholism, poverty, and homelessness for decades. Now he appears to be turning his life around in the wake of a remarkable transformation, documented on video.

In September 2013, Degage Ministries in Grand Rapids, Mich. helped connect Wolf with a local filmmaker, Rob Bliss. A makeover crew was called in and several hours later, a new Wolf emerged. The once scruffy, slightly bedraggled vet comes out looking like a cover model.

Once the video was posted online, it quickly went viral, generating interest on a number of blogs and thousands of views.


Marge Palmerlee, Executive Director for Degage Ministries, told WHNT News 19 the goal of the transformation video was to help “dispell those stereotypes” people often have about the homeless. “This is such a vivid reminder of the potential we all have,” Palmerlee said.

Since the makeover, Palmerlee said Wolf has been actively working to find housing and has even begun attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

To learn more about Degage Ministries, click here.

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